Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We took a jaunt out to Poulsbo last weekend for some much-needed relaxation (and, if you were to ask Aaron, some much-needed pastries).  We had a great sail across to Port Madison on the north side of Bainbridge Island in ~20 knot winds.  The winds were still blowing and the sun was shining as we dropped our new Spade anchor (which set and held perfectly) in Liberty Bay.

After dinner, we did one of our very favorite things.  We ate ice cream.  There's a new ice cream shop in town called Mora Iced Creamery, which we actually spied in Kingston on our coffee run (sadly, it wasn't open, since it was winter and most people don't crave ice cream when it's like 34 degrees).  Can I just say one thing?  De-li-cious.  This is some damn fine ice cream.  Like most shops, they'll let you sample before you commit to a flavor (or two).  I probably stood there for 10 minutes, sampling and trying to decide and sampling some more.

Aaron had no problem relaying his choice to the scooper girl, which he told me later "blew her mind."

Get this: A sweet, crunchy waffle cone filled with 1/2 scoop coconut, topped with 1/2 scoop dark chocolate, topped with 1/2 scoop coconut, topped with 1/2 scoop dark chocolate.  It was his version of a Mounds bar.  Mind blowing, no?  I'm boring and settled on blackberry, which is actually what "Mora" means in Spanish.  Fitting.

After ice cream, we perched ourselves on the balcony of a German restaurant overlooking the main street and the bay (not for the kraut or schnitzel but for the beer and sunshine!).  We had a great view of Sluys' Bakery next door (pronounced like Mr. Stallone's first name) where we'd be soon enough for breakfast.

We did not, however, partake in a Lutefisk TV Dinner (tempting, but... no).

The wind died down overnight, and the bay was flat calm as we motored back to Bella Star after our pastry and coffee run in the morning.  What a great weekend...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Got the full package deal

Living aboard a boat probably isn’t something Nicole thought about until she met me.  I’ve wanted to live aboard a sailboat since I was 16.  In my 16 year old mind I had a pretty clear picture of what that would be like.   I’d have a sweet boat and a perpetual two day stubble just like Sonny Crockett.  I’d roll out of bed at noon on a Sunday, head up the dock and hop in a beat up Fiat Spider that had the doors welded shut so you’d have to jump in Duke Boy style.  Then I’d go get donuts and bring them back to eat in the cockpit with some Depeche Mode and various other teen angst music playing on the stereo.  Following that I’d probably get the charts out and work on my circumnavigation plans. 

I don’t recall ever thinking I’d be married. 

I got the sweet boat.  The car is a little more practical than what I originally had in mind (and the doors work normally).  I do have the stubble sometimes.  I’ve enjoyed donuts on board.  I still play old Depeche Mode songs on the stereo. 

The wife turned out to be a kick ass bonus.  Major icing on the cake here.  The full package deal – good looking, smart and funny.  She’s also an awesome cook.  I am constantly amazed at what she can produce with what I thought was going to be a ridiculously overpriced, glorified Easy Bake oven. 


She’s a graduate of the Seattle Maritime Institute’s Diesel Engines class.  The only girl graduate from the class!  It’s nice not being the only person on board that can bleed fuel lines and maintain the the ol Yanmar. 


She knows that when the joker valve on the head goes bad, it’s no joking matter.


She can handle the boat (better than she thinks) and is happy to take the helm on one of those beautiful August days in the San Juans.


And there’s nobody I’d rather have a rum ‘n Coke with in the cockpit while making plans.


You can’t have a dream without a picture in your mind of what it would be like to live it. 

Then, if you’re lucky enough to live your dream you’ll probably find out that the reality isn’t exactly what you originally envisioned. 

If you’re really lucky the reality will be even better than what you dreamed.

So it is with me.